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Freelance paralegal on a journey towards business development, functional  movement, sustainable health, holistic nutrition and connection with nature.  Driven by my passion to share  this journey with others, and fired by my inquisitive, adventurous, crunchy nature this website was born.  Lived in San Diego for 14  years, now exploring various cities and areas with my travel RN husband and our four-legged, furry kid.  Salt Lake City for 3 months and now Reno for 3 months, not sure where next.  Maybe Alaska for a few months?!?

Sharing my ad hoc kitchen adventures, health and fitness plights, as well as marketing my paralegal consulting career.  I received my B.S. in Criminal Justice from Northern Arizona University.  I received my Paralegal Certificate through the ABA program at Miramar College in San Diego and  completed my e-Discovery & Litigation Technology certificate at UCSD.  Please find further information  here on my services page.  I'm currently available for litigation management, discovery and trial work.