KRad Consulting
Real | Adaptable | Developed

  1. Paralegal Services
    For attorneys, law firms and litigation support providers, I offer services to assist during legal processes, claims, controversies and court actions.
  2. Research Services
    I love research. You ask, I seek the answer(s). No matter the subject, I'm happy to investigate, provide information and list resources. Legal research and beyond included.
  3. Discovery & Trial Services
    Services available include document/data collection, review and productions, discovery requests/responses, trial prep, hot seat control, demonstrative creation.
  4. Community Services
    Pro bono activities. Giving back. Event listings and volunteer opportunities. My local favorites. Small, local business support. Community development.
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K. Radnothy
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Real | Adaptable | Developed

Educated, experienced litigation paralegal with a passion to learn and share. 

Driven with an inquisitive nature, exploring this beautiful planet and all it has to offer my mind, body and spirit. 

Email me should you have interest in my services in any way. 

Currently available for trial and discovery work, paralegal support and research services.  I'm flexible, dependable and responsive, feel free to reach out.

Thank you!